[caption id="attachment_4650" align="alignright" ]Cinderbox Cinderbox[/caption] Weekend Update!  It's a music and performing arts weekend in Lafayette-West Lafayette!  Whether you live in this area or traveling from afar there are endless possibilities for fun events happening this upcoming weekend in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana. Is “reality TV” really real? How much is scripted? How much is truly spontaneous? How can you tell? Chicago-based dance theatre company Lucky Plush dives headlong into the question with Cinderbox 2.0, “a visually, kinetically, sonically and intellectually dazzling piece of dance theater” (Chicago Sun Times). Purdue Convocations presents Lucky Plush this Friday, February 7, at Loeb Playhouse.  In 2007, Lucky Plush artistic director Julia Rhoads created the distinctive and critically acclaimed world of Cinderbox 18 to explore the comedy and anxiety created by our media’s voyeuristic approach to “reality.” Now, fast-forward to 2014, where such shows haven’t faded away but rather multiplied, so Rhoads has rebooted her investigations with Cinderbox 2.0. In a performance that blurs the distinctions of dance and theatre, the observer and the observed, and the scripted and the off-the-cuff, Rhoads has created a fresh and unflinching, yet deeply comical, view of the virtuosity and failure we simultaneously love and hate. afrique-cest-chic-150x150Looking for more entertainment this weekend?  On Friday, February 8, head to the Lafayette Theatre for Fatoumata Diawara to enjoy the sounds of song to promote political change and human rights. The power of “three chords and a guitar” has long been celebrated for its persuasive potential, and 31-year-old singer and guitarist Fatoumata Diawara (or “Fatou,” for short) joins that great tradition, lifting the human spirit out of war-torn Mali. Singing in Bambara, the principal dialect of southern Mali, Fatou wraps messages of support for women, orphaned children, and the cessation of war inside songs of extraordinary beauty and rhythmic delight that easily transcend worldwide language barriers. For more information about these events and other special "happenings" in Lafayette-West Lafayette, check out our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com