[caption id="attachment_4975" align="alignleft" ]Fun gift ideas from Two Tulips! Fun gift ideas from Two Tulips![/caption] Mother's Day is this weekend! What are you doing for your mother, wife or someone special in your life that is a mom? It is a holiday to say thank you to mother's for everything they do all year long. This past year I became a Mom and I am so excited to see what my husband does for me this year to celebrate.  I always try to give him some helpful hints on what I would enjoy and I thought I would pass them along to our readers! First, breakfast in bed is a must! My husband is not much of a cook, so I recommend an early morning run to a local bakery in town. I love the donuts from Mary Lou's Donuts! An iced mocha from Cafe Literato would be the perfect caffeine start to my day.  A pretty single flower in a small vase from Rubia Flower Market would nicely compliment the tray I imagine him bringing to our room. It isn't a big breakfast, but the donuts and iced mocha are probably enough calories for the whole day! Next, a walk! I love walks and Happy Hollow Park is literally in our back yard. A leisurely stroll through the park with our daughter would be so refreshing. We can enjoy the fresh scent of spring flowers and talk about our week. After our walk, a stop at Dog N' Suds for a Coney dog, fries and root beer would be greatly appreciated! Presents? What woman wouldn't want a little gift on this holiday? Lafayette-West Lafayette is home to over 70 plus storefronts, which gives my husband a plethora of places to shop. My husband can take a photo of our daughter for Linda at Le Originals to add it to a Pandora style like photo bead to create a necklace or bracelet. What a wonderful keepsake! I would never turn down a one of a kind, beautiful ceramic piece from Grateful Heart Gallery. Or a fabulous new purse or bag from Two Tulips would be a great gift! [caption id="attachment_4976" align="alignright" ]Beautiful flowers from Bennett's! Beautiful flowers from Bennett's![/caption] What should we do in the afternoon? I always plant flowers around Mother's Day so a stop at Bennett's Greenhouse to explore their vast array of lovely perennials and annuals would be fun. Flowers are a great gift too! Wow! Am I asking for a lot or what? But please remember, these are only ideas and suggestions! The perfect ending of a fabulous first Mother's Day would be dinner at Bruno's! This restaurant feels like home to us. We love their hospitality, food and ambiance. We have our own special booth we sit in and every visit we order their bread sticks with two different dipping sauces. We mix up what we order every visit and have tried pretty much everything on the menu.  Everything is fabulous; pizza, fried shrimp, lasagna, Bruno Dough, etc.! This Mother's Day (if my hints come true), is going to be so much fun!  I hope every mother has a great day! For more information about Lafayette-West Lafayette attractions, restaurants, shops and more visit www.HomeOfPurdue.com.