Amanda, owner and licensed art educator of Flourish Studio and Classroom, shares why "Messy is Necessary!" Enjoy!

Baby parent art class

I set out the tray of tempera paints and the artist looked up at me. She paused and asked, "Where are the brushes?" I smiled. My heart smiled. I instantly knew that this was an opportunity.

In that moment I had a chance to teach her, and the other uncertain artists around, so many things. Of course there are the obvious lessons like, fine motor skills, appropriate sensory and tactile development, hand-eye coordination etc. These skills are primarily mastered through practice and encouragement, during which I provide supplies and guidance, but then sit back and watch in wonder. 

Parent child sensory class

The less obvious lessons are my favorite! When a developing artist is given the opportunity to get messy, their brains are fully engaged! Even if they're hesitant and unsure, they're still actively processing new information. Curiosity is inspired, learning is enhanced, language skills grow. They're given a chance to practice self-control, focus, and understand boundaries. 

Create With Me art class

Have you ever seen someone beam with confidence? When they've been given the freedom to explore new territory and completely OWN the experience. When they understand that they can choose their path and know that they are valued either way. When they see that the emphasis is on their process and the final results aren't that important (their work or the mess).  

This, my friends, is the good stuff. This is the important stuff. This is the messy stuff. And the fact that all of those things are synonymous in this space is ok. It better than ok. It's celebrated and encouraged! 

Finger painting in a process art studio

If you've read this from the perspective that the developing artist mentioned in the beginning was a baby or toddler, try again. This same scenario happens daily in our studio with ALL ages. Different materials, different techniques, and different classes, but we are all developing artists on our own paths. We all need the space, permission, freedom to make messes and explore. And we all should celebrate that we will ALWAYS be learning and growing!

Here's to more messy processes, because messy is necessary.

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