[caption id="attachment_1738" align="alignright" caption="Ashley & Kristine touching animal bones. (We don't think they were real!)"][/caption] 2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, so many great recreational facilities and activities to choose from!  The Lilly Nature Center and Celery Bog is a fabulous place to spend the day visiting the wetlands and learning about the area habitat in their learning center. I love nature!  It is so much fun to go for a walk or a bike ride and enjoy the natural environment around us.  The topography in Lafayette-West Lafayette is very interesting.  In some areas we have very flat terrain, where as in others, there are hills and crevices.  We are lucky to have a river run through our cities, which provides not only recreation, but scenic beauty.  One area I have just learned more about is the Celery Bog; where we have 195 acres of wetlands, adjacent woods and fields. Not only do we have the wetlands, but a 1.5 mile trail with interpretive signs as well as a 4.33 mile paved trail for exploration.   I would highly recommend this area for visitors or locals to explore.  The West Lafayette Parks Department has really created a refuge for wildlife while also allowing us to see and watch the habitat that lives there.  Some areas look swampy and forbidden, where as others have lush flowers and large, beautiful trees. To top it off, the Lilly Nature Center has been built as an educational facility on the property.  They have an area where you can sit inside and watch birds, squirrels and more roam around.  Also, there are exhibits in place to learn about amphibians and mammals that lived here years ago.  Every Wednesday the nature center host a "Wednesday in the Wild" event where visitors can learn about a number of diverse topics ranging from  a frog monitoring session and/or a demonstration of the use of mist nets and learn to identify the birds that come to the nets during the program.  In addition the center has a webcam that allows up close viewing from inside the nature center of the bog .  People can actually view the bog and wildlife up close from a camera inside. [caption id="attachment_1808" align="alignleft" caption="Celery Bog, Photo taken by D. Hester"][/caption] The Lilly Nature Center and Celery Bog are not to be missed on your next visit to our area.  For more information about this facility and other outdoor recreational spaces in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com