[caption id="attachment_4528" align="alignright" ]Cool belts! Cool belts![/caption] 2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, 1 Shopping Destination!  Eclectic gifts, unique finds, and gifts that are inspirational, can be found at Gretel's Fine Gifts, Pure Pleasures.  Gretel's offers something for everyone from handmade jewelry to beautiful ceramic pottery to holiday decorations.  And this is only highlighting a few things Gretel's offers.  When shoppers walk in, they are eclipsed in bright colors and a whirlwind of fun gift ideas. [caption id="attachment_4530" align="alignleft" ]Pottery! Pottery![/caption] Gretel's is one of the local shops I visit when I am in need of a last minute gift.  Why?  Because I know I will always find something unique, special and with the wide selection of gift ideas, I know I will walk away with something in hand.  The first year of my marriage to my husband, I recall my husband coming home one day and sharing his parents were married 30 years ago on this day.  I am a planner and for some odd reason I thought their anniversary was the following month.  We didn't have a gift or even a card to give them!  After my initial panic, I calmed down and asked myself where could I go where I knew I could find something nice they both would like.  Gretel's! [caption id="attachment_4529" align="alignright" ]Granite Cutting Piece Granite Cutting Piece[/caption] I headed to Gretel's and within minutes of entering the shop, I had a granite cutting piece picked out that is perfect for them because they love to entertain.  They can use the granite piece as a cheese cutting board and also as a "topic" to talk about because it really is a piece of art.  Gretel's also has cards and I found a sweet card to add to our gift.  (Cards are especially important to my husband's family so I made sure it was meaningful!)  With my gift in hand, Gretel herself wrapped everything up nicely and we were set!  My in-laws had no idea we shopped at the last minute for their gift! Interested in more information about this shop and others in Lafayette-West Lafayette?  Please visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com.