[caption id="attachment_3190" align="alignright" ] Everything is better VINTAGE![/caption] 2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, so many fun, eclectic shops!  Lafayette, Indiana, was excited to welcome new business, Hot House Market, into our community last year.  This shop inspires creativity in the home and showcases how items from our past can be truly beautiful.  It takes "vintage" to a whole new level! Word spread quickly around our office last year when this shop opened.  Hot House Market has two other locations, Chicago and New York City, and we were getting a shop right here in the middle of the Midwest to call our own.  Of course, we planned a shopping date, and fell in love with the store immediately. Hot House Market showcases the best vintage items that mix wonderfully with today's modern style. Colorful 1940's and 50's decor, 60's and 70's bohemian fabrics and shabby French country design blend to create a shop full of wonderful decorating items.  There are so many stories and history behind vintage items along with a style that many times cannot be completely duplicated.  Personally, I love mixing "new" and "old" because it adds a "realness" to your living space. This shop sells a little bit of everything including vintage cabinets, clothing, accessories, decorating items, shoes, art, glassware, and dishes.  There is something for everyone!  I love browsing the vintage clothing because one of my favorite styles in fashion is from the 1950's and 60's.  They have a great selection of items to choose from.  I am working at getting a better eye for putting together an outfit, but the good news is they have great staff to assist. Hot House Market is not to be missed on your next visit to our area. For more information about this shop and more in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com