Pumpkin patches! Big, small, orange, green, white....they come in all sizes and colors! Finding that perfect pumpkin is so important every fall. You have to search for the best pumpkin to carve and/or decorate. Check out this list of local pumpkin patches in or near Lafayette-West Lafayette. Have fun this fall looking for the more unique pumpkin!!

Exploration AcresExploration Acres

Exploration Acres: Take a wagon ride out to find the best pumpkin at this farm. And don't miss getting lost in their 18 acre corn maze!

Kent's Cucurbits

Kent's Cucurbits: How do you think these crazy face pumpkins are grown?? We are stumped!!

Wea creekWea Creek Orchard

Wea Creek Orchard: So much fun at this family farm picking out the best pumpkins!    

Challenge yourself this fall to find the most unique pumpkins! Share on social a photo and tag #homeofpurdue. Have fun!