We have the winner of our 2013 "Holiday Shopping" Contest worth over $800! Congratulations to Paul from Houston, Texas!  He shares, "As a Purdue Alumnus and a life-long visitor to both Lafayette and West Lafayette, I am excited to be given the opportunity to spend a portion of my annual Christmas vacation in the Home of Purdue." Paul won the contest by his following entry/comment: "When I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash, then I long for my Indiana home sweet home. As a native Hoosier and a proud Boilermaker, raised in Hawaii and now living in Houston I will always remember summer vacations in Indiana (yes, Indiana is where Hoosiers in Hawaii vacation). No summer was complete without a stop at the Frozen Custard, racing leaves thrown off a bridge into the river, and of course the Saturday evening mass at St. Mary’s. Why should I win this weekend trip to Lafayette? If the joy I would get from eating at Triple X, drinking at Harry’s, and watching some Boilermaker basketball isn’t enough, then let me use this as an opportunity to show my fellow Houstonians there is more than corn in Indiana." Thanks to all who participated in this latest contest! Stay tuned for our next big contest/package we will be hosting in 2014!