[caption id="attachment_1236" align="alignright" caption="Heisei Boiler Maki Roll"][/caption] My husband and I just recently discovered Heisei Japanese restaurant and it has quickly become one of our favorites! We've been there twice in just two weeks! We have always loved Bea One's sushi and since that restaurant has closed we have been looking for a new sushi restaurant in the area, and we found it! First, Heisei offers a fun experience that is very unique for our area, although you would never guess from the outside, as it is located in a shopping strip. When you dine here, they require you to take your shoes off before you enter the dining area, so be sure to wear nice socks (un-smelly too please!)  Guests are then guided to their table, which is essentially in a hole so diners sit on the floor on cushions. Very fun! They have a pretty extensive menu and have quite a few other selections if you aren't into sushi. This last time we tried the beef teriyaki; it was very good and helped cool off our mouths when we got too much of the spicy sauce from the sushi. (We are wimps when it comes to spicy things). We have ordered the Boiler Maki sushi roll both visits, which is a large roll with eel, crab, avocado, masago and sauce.  It is battered and deep-fried (who wouldn’t love this!). This is the closest thing we have found so far to the Bea One Roll that we loved so much. We've also tried the New Spider Roll, Ocean Roll, California Roll, and the Crunch Roll.  All of the rolls were very well displayed and looked so good we almost didn’t want to mess up their pretty presentation.  But, of course, we did and they were yummy! This last visit we were thinking about trying a new vegetarian roll that they had just added to the menu called Jose Crunchy Roll that has asparagus, cucumber, Japanese squash, kampyo and avocado with a spicy unagi sauce, but decided to try others first. The waiter must have seen us look at the menu or just thought we looked hungry (like any two people could be hungry after ordering 3 rolls and a beef teriyaki to split), but he brought the roll and said it was on the house. I'm sure they do not offer free roles with every visit, but they sure gained a customer because it was definitely our favorite roll of the night! (Except the boiler one, deep-frying just makes everything better!). [caption id="attachment_1238" align="alignleft" caption="Heisei New Spider Roll and Ocean Roll"][/caption] The service is outstanding! Heisei is a great place for a date night or for groups of friends who just want to hang out and experience something different. They do offer bamboo curtains to separate groups and/or they have a private party room. I think I know where my next birthday party will be! I’ve also heard that their ice cream is awesome but we were too full to try it on both visits.  We will just have to go back! Written by Guest Blogger, Ashley