[caption id="attachment_2829" align="alignright" ] Riehle Plaza[/caption] Happy New Year's! Right now, the talk around town is about New Year's Eve!  What are your plans for the evening?  Are you headed to a local bar or restaurant to celebrate with friends and loved ones?  Or will you stay home and watch the ball drop from Times Square in New York City as you toast in the New Year?  It is an evening to reflect on good times that were had in 2012 and to look forward to all the possibilities in 2013! New Year's Eve holds a special place in my heart for two different reasons; it is the night I got engaged to my husband and one year later on the same night I married him!  December 31, 2009, was an evening of romance, fun, and excitement.  My husband, Marc, planned the whole evening.  We started the night at Red Seven Bar and Grill, which is where we had our first date.  They had a fun New Year's Eve game where guests rolled a dice and whatever you rolled is what you paid for a glass of sparkling wine.  We both rolled a 1 which meant we only paid $1 for each of our glasses.  We were feeling very lucky!  We chatted and laughed and really enjoyed the upbeat ambience that Red Seven offers. Next, (and this is the best part of the evening), Marc asked me if I wanted to go for a walk across the John T Myers Pedestrian Bridge.  I love walking and exercising and at first I assumed he was offering to make the night more romantic.  Marc is not a big fan of going on lazy walks, and so I jumped at the idea of going.  As we started walking up the steps to reach the bridge something dawned on me; I thought it is freezing cold, we are going for a walk, and this is not a normal behavior from Marc.  Then it clicked and I started stuttering, "are you going to ask me", and then I stopped myself.  He looked at me and asked me to finish my sentence, and I replied "no, no, let's keep walking!"  We reached the bridge and Marc, who I love and adore, asked me to marry him!  I jumped up and down, ran around the bridge like a wild woman, and of course shouted "YES!" The John T Myers Pedestrian Bridge will always be our special place where we got engaged. Special memories are made in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.  Come share and create your own.  For more information about the area, visit our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com