HuHot2013.3Visitor Information Specialist, Jake, share his visit to HuHot Mongolian Grill. Get ready for a Mongolian Grill Experience! HuHot Mongolian Grill provides fresh products, customizable meals and an entertaining dining experience! Their fresh stir-fry can be personalized in infinite ways; chicken, pork, beef, lobster and vegetarian alternatives, which are all made available at this fantastic dining experience. Beer, wine, appetizers and deserts are all offered with your fresh and healthy stir-fry meal. The appetizers stay true to Mongolian fashion, providing egg rolls, crab rangoons and potstickers. At the time, I was on my lunch break and couldn’t resist scooping it out. The promise of buffet-style stir-fry at a value price was too much to pass up! I’m always a fan of getting my moneys worth and HuHot is no exception. I was greeted and seated warmly by fantastic service and after placing my drink order was asked for either soft tortilla shells or rice (white or fried) to complement my meal. I asked for both, and I was not disappointed with either. The tortilla shells came out piping hot and soft. The rice was absolutely delicious; being a sort of rice-expert I was highly impressed by the perfect texture and fresh taste. HuHot isn’t kidding about its near infinite stir-fry. There are tons of options ranging from the noodles, protein and the sauces. Right off the bat there are four different kinds of noodles, ranging from Classic Chinese to HuHot’s own rice blend. It doesn’t stop there though, not even close. There’s beef, chicken, pork, calamari, cod, sausage, salmon, scallops, shrimp and much more! I can’t stress enough how amazing the vegetable section is either. There’s broccoli, carrots, sprouts, beans, mushrooms, peas, tomatoes, zucchini, squash and the list just goes on and on. Once you’ve finished customizing your plate, you’re treated to the entertainment provided by the griller. He asked for my plate of food and immediately the show begins. The grill is shaped like a large circle that the griller can constantly move around in order to attend to flipping and stirring other guests’ food. While he focuses on the multiple stir-fries, he’s tossing his cutlery, flipping over food with precise timing, chatting with guests and making jokes. It’s truly a unique experience you’ll only find at HuHot and that in itself is worth seeing. All in all, HuHot was an amazing, unique experience. From the selection to the service, it’s a fantastic place to dine or wine with its welcoming atmosphere and great value. The food doesn’t stop short at incredible.  If you’re going to check Lafayette out for it’s dining, then HuHot is a must stop!