SONY DSCFew areas in Lafayette – West Lafayette are as iconic as Columbian Park and the neighborhood surrounding it. For years, places like Tom’s Parkside Deli, Arni’s pizza and the Frozen Custard anchored the neighborhood that is home to a dense population of Sears & Roebuck and Montgomery Ward “kit” homes dating from the early 20th century. While upgrades have naturally occurred over the years to the various attractions and restaurants – a massive zoo and park renovation, the Parkside Deli converting to an Oyster Bar – and new additions have been added such as Tropicanoe Cove Water Park, not much has changed on Wallace Ave, where the Frozen Custard and Arni’s call themselves home. [caption id="attachment_5418" align="alignleft" ]Columbian Park Columbian Park[/caption] I’m entering my 9th season as the varsity boys tennis coach at Lafayette Jeff, and I make it a tradition to go to the Frozen Custard with my team at least once during the year. It’s a perfect spot to snag an ice cream cone, sundae, fruit drink or flavored drink after a tough practice. It’s always a highlight for me to get a chance to interact with my players outside the pressures of high school tennis. Personally, I love sticking with a flavored coke, but I go the extra mile with cherry, vanilla and marshmallow in mine. It’s amazing. My players seem to stick with the basics, ice cream cones or a fruit drink. Regardless of the choice, though, you can’t go wrong. Du [caption id="attachment_5417" align="alignleft" ]Making a custard cone! Making a custard cone![/caption] ring the Colt World Series, a 15-16 year old baseball tournament held annually at Columbian Park’s Loeb Stadium, baseball fans of all ages flock to the Frozen Custard on those warm August evenings. It’s been a signature stop of mine for years, from trips with my tennis team back to the time when I was teenager myself and couldn’t get enough of their delicious custard or flavored Cokes. The line “I’ve been coming here since I was a kid” is quite common when talking about the Original Frozen Custard. Hopefully I’ve helped establish that tradition with some of players if they didn’t already have it instilled in them by their parents. Visitors and locals alike have a hard time passing up the goodness that is the Frozen Custard. Stephen Smith, Visitor Information Specialist & Lafayette Jeff Boys Tennis Coach, shared this blog!