IMG_6980I am a zoo lover. My desire to go see all the different animals… No matter how many times I have seen the same, exact exhibits… Hasn’t gone away. I am twenty years old and I still beg my parents to take our family to the zoo. My brother hates this about me. But I just love seeing all the wild creatures that I can’t see in my everyday life. The one downfall to any zoo in general, is usually how pricey they are. And coming from a big family, I know that money adds up quickly. That’s why I was so surprised, and happy, to find out that the Columbian Park Zoo is completely FREE. No charges what-so-ever. This makes it the perfect place to take herds of children. IMG_6984The Columbian Park Zoo has a unique variety of animals. One of my favorite stops at the zoo was probably being able to play with all of the baby goats. THEY WERE SO CUTE. I didn’t even pay for the food that they have available to feed the goats with.  I grabbed a handful and the goats would come up to everyone all on their own. IMG_6977I also really liked how close I was allowed to get with all the animals. Visitors literally can walk right up next to a wallaby as it hops around.  It was a neat experience to be in such close proximity with the wombats, otters, butterflies, and much more. If you, or someone you know, LOVES seeing wildlife, I encourage you to go to the Columbian Park Zoo! You will not be disappointed. IMG_6986The Zoo is opening this Saturday, April 23. Do not miss checking out the family farm full of farm animals, wallabies, monkeys and more! Megann, Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette Visitor Information Specialist, shares this blog.