Purdue University Student, Leah Li, shares this blog.

No matter what type of art you are interested in–oil paintings, vivid sculptures, fantastic pottery or contemporary art–you will find it at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, a museum with a more than 100-year history and the only accredited museum in Northwest Indiana.

Because I enjoy art, I finally made my first journey to the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. There was a lot to see but I did have one favorite.

The first piece of artwork that caught my attention was an oil painting by Joe Barry Carroll, “Man on the Road.” It was from the “My View from Seven Feet” exhibits that the museum was hosting. Carroll used dark tone yellow and dark browns to build up a contrast in the painting, which illustrates a sense of loneliness. It was so calm and made me wonder about the story behind it. My friend Mohan and I chose this piece as a favorite painting for our journey at the museum. 

Landscape paintings

"People need art," Kendall Smith II, the executive director of the Art Museum, said as he stood recently in the center of all the exhibitions. Art is not only a journey into history, but without museum quality art, “we kind of lose touch with what’s happening in the world,” he said. 

Beautiful handmade jewelry, sculptures, potteries, and paintings are all for sale in the museum’s gift shop, and they are all excellent choices for decorations and gifts. The landscape paintings made me feel peaceful, and I believe these artworks are worth bringing home.

Pottery by students and artists
Class Samples

Not only can you enjoy the great art at the museum, you can also create it. The museum also hosts art classes, including drawing, watercolor, glass workshops, and pottery for students of all ages to explore the art world. Classes include drop-in classes, 2-10 week adult classes, one-day workshops, and kids and teens. The price depends on what type of class you choose. 

I stood in front of these class samples for 15 minutes and appreciated them individually. The artists designed the patterns, colors, and structures very beautifully. Each of them was unique, and it was gorgeous when I looked at them as a whole. I probably would like a chance to design my own pottery, and I started to imagine what and how would it be designed? 

Come and explore the art world. It is free. The museum is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m-4 p.m, and the main entrance is located at 102 S. 10th Street, Lafayette.

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