EMT2014.7You are driving down the road in Lafayette and suddenly something catches your eye. It is a big black truck with forks, spoons and squiggly red lines all over it. What?! Yes, that is the Emergency Munchie Truck. Never fear, the EMT food truck has a mobile prescription for all those diagnosed with critical hunger! Both quickly and with fresh ingredients, the EMT can satisfy cravings off all types. From vegetarians to vegans, stomachs are saved one at a time! [caption id="attachment_6641" align="alignright" ]EMT Triple M Sandwich EMT Triple M Sandwich[/caption] In 2012, “Munchie” the food truck was born. In Munchie’s former two lives, he was an ambulance and then a food truck traveling in Pennsylvania. He is now happiest with his current family and loves his name. He enjoys cruising downtown Lafayette and getting second looks from all the ladies. The EMT food truck features a seasonal and weekly changing menu with some staple items that always have a new surprise element to them. One of the staples is a munchie melt. A munchie melt is a sandwich of homemade waffles for the bread. The innards can range from veggies, to fruits to cheeses and even mac and cheese. You never know what will be featured! Munchie bowls are homemade chili variations and baked casserole variations. EMT realizes that everyone enjoys a good deep fried dish. They always have hand-cut french fries and sweet potato fries. They each come with some delicious dipping sauces! [caption id="attachment_6642" align="aligncenter" ]EMT Sweet Potato Fries EMT Sweet Potato Fries[/caption] I know your stomach is rumbling now that I gave you a glimpse of what the EMT has to offer. You can always track down where the truck will be on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Typical places you may find it include local Lafayette festivals, farmers markets, and outside People’s Brewing Company for dinner. I don’t think there will ever be a restaurant or food truck that you can find a strawberry bruschetta grilled cheese at again! You better get the fresh meals before they are gone! EMT Food Truck.1JPGFrom salads to black bean burgers to asparagus fries, EMT will never disappoint. Eat and shop local by supporting Lafayette’s own Emergency Munchie Truck at its next appearance in town! Intern and Purdue University Student, Rachel, shares this blog.