[caption id="attachment_5867" align="alignleft" ]Riverside Skating Center Riverside Skating Center[/caption] Today, we welcome new Blogger, Sahej Bains, to our blogging team! She is a Visitor Information Specialist for Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette and a student at Purdue University.  She shares her first time experience last week at Riverside Skating Center! Imagine a place covered in ice and surrounded by trees glistening with a light layer of frost. Feeling the Christmas spirit, you jump into the rink with excitement, only to find out that your skating prowess is not up to par with even the youngest children around. Rather than getting depressed, however, you join the crowd and with the help of your friends (and the railing!), you carry out the night with pure enjoyment. In the long eighteen years of my existence, I have never been much of an adventurer. Recently, feeling the need to explore the world a tad bit more, I decided to try ice-skating with my buddies at the Riverside Skating Center. This center is conveniently located near Purdue’s campus and downtown. The admission fee is five dollars along with an additional three dollars for skate rental. The skating center is a perfect place for small gatherings and of course, something fun to try with friends and family. Regardless of experience or expertise, everyone could enjoy ice-skating at this rink. Personally, I found the environment of the site extremely welcoming. The atmosphere not only made me feel comfortable but also relaxed because I knew I would not be judged for my lack of skill. Despite the fact that I held on to the railing for the entire two hours, I was cheered and encouraged by not just my friends, but also the general public. [caption id="attachment_5868" align="alignright" ]It's busy at Riverside! It's busy at Riverside![/caption] So if you are looking for something special or fun to do for in 2015, I would definitely recommend the Riverside Skating Center. As for me, I will include it in my New Year’s Resolution to give up the railing and learn to skate with grace. After all, isn’t the New Year a perfect time to forge new memories that can be cherished throughout life?