We have the winner of our Hole in One Golf Adventure Contest 2015 worth over $400! Congratulations to Wenwei from Duluth, Georgia. She shares, “Oh my, I can't believe I really won. I also need to thank Pete Dye to win this contest! :) We are very thrilled of this contest. With our first born child going to Purdue this year ( I will accompany him to move in next Monday), we are trying to find all the info for this area. We are really honored to win this prize. We were just discussed over the weekend what will my Purdue Freshman do during the Thanksgiving break with so short of break. Now with the prize, we will be really happy to plan our trip, drive all the way to visit him." She answered this question correctly and was picked at random: The question was:

QUESTION: What famous golf course designer is currently redesigning the Ackerman Hills Golf Course?

Wenwei answered Pete Dye which is correct! Thanks to all who participated in this latest contest! Stay tuned for our next big contest/package we will be hosting this fall!