We have the winner of our 2014 Holiday Shopping Giveaway Contest worth over $575! Congratulations to Mary Claxton from Lafayette, Indiana.

What is your favorite gift you have given or received during the holiday season? Feel free to share with us the story that goes along with the gift.

Mary shared, "I received the very best gift anyone could possibly get just two days before Thanksgiving. I gave birth to our first child, a beautiful baby girl. My husband was stationed in Viet Nam at the time. My parents, his in-laws, had to telephone the Red Cross, who in turn would inform my husband of the birth of his little daughter. We were both so very happy and excited but were thousands of miles apart for such a wonderful occasion. We wrote to each other every single day for a year. That is how we had to correspond in those days. Then on Christmas morning of that same year (1968), on a morning television show called The Today Show, was my husband! There he stood in his Army uniform, all the way from Viet Nam, and with a smile on his face, he wished me and his new baby daughter, Sherry Lynn, a “Very Merry Christmas” WOW! what a gift that was! Although he couldn’t be with us that year for Christmas. He certainly “was with us.” and I thanked God for that blessed gift." Thanks to all who participated in this latest contest! Stay tuned for our next big contest/package we will be hosting early 2015.