We have the winner of our 2014 "Fun Fall Getaway" Contest worth over $500! Congratulations to Jo from the Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana area. We loved her response to the following question! Share with us your favorite fall activity in Lafayette-West Lafayette? OR if you have never visited our 2 great cities, what fall activity would you love to experience here? Jo's response: As a new resident to Lafayette Indiana, there are many things that I have already fallen in love with and many more that I have yet to experience. During the last three months here my fiance and I have been adjusting to our new jobs and exploring both cities when we have had time. One of our favorite places is downtown for the atmosphere and variety of activities constantly going on down there. The different restaurants and bars have phenomenal food and a fun atmosphere so we always have a good time. Another unique feature about this area is the hidden beauty that is the Wabash and wild cat creek. We love to be outside and explore nature and Lafayette has allowed us to do that while still living in a city. Prior to moving here we had lived in Kentucky for quite some time and werent sure how we would adjust. However we have not only moved here, we have found where we will start a family and a place we can call home. West Lafayette and Lafayette have so many unique features and half the fun is randomly discovering a place you had no idea was there. We would love the opportunity to win this contest because I know that we would enjoy every moment and feature of it. In the midst of moving into a house and working it would be so nice to relax and experience everything these cities have to offer! Thanks to all who participated in this latest contest! Stay tuned for our next big contest/package we will be hosting later this fall that will have an arts and entertainment theme!