We have the winner of our 2014 Artsy Fun Giveaway Contest worth over $390! Congratulations to Glenna from Tolono, Illinois. She shares, "I was so excited to read that I was the winner of your Artsy Fun Contest! I can hardly wait to come and experience all that Lafayette-West Lafayette has to offer! It has been a very tough last month or so, due to the unexpected death of my son. This is just the thing to help me get out and about again, and take my mind off of my problems. Thank you so much for choosing me." Glenna answered this question correctly and was picked at random: The question was: The Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art was originally built for the St. Louis World’s Fair.  What STATE was it originally built to represent at the fair? ANSWER: State of Connecticut Thanks to all who participated in this latest contest! Stay tuned for our next big contest/package we will be hosting in November. It will be our big holiday shopping giveaway contest!