Weekend Update!  Looking for a fun Indiana weekend getaway?  Or do you live in this area and are looking for entertainment close by?  Check out the endless possibilities for fun and relaxation happening this upcoming weekend in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana. Join in the fun and excitement downtown in the Ninth Street Historic District this Saturday, June 30, for the Children's Box Parade! All kids are invited to decorate a box (or boxes) to wear, push or pull. (No wheels please!) Children and parents are all welcome to march while singing the Star Spangle Banner.  To top it off, there will be free ice cream, an animal petting zoo, face painting, balloons and more! On Sunday, July 1, celebrate the restoration and return of our 1890s Victorian Bicycle at the Antique and Classic Bicycle Exposition taking place at the Moses Fowler House.  The Tippecanoe County Historical Association is hosting this special exposition of antique and classic bicycles. The public is invited to join in the merriment and learn a bit about the history of the bicycle including how the bicycle changed women's place in society.  The Hoosier Antique and Classic Bicycle Club will also be showcasing their own gems for visitors to admire. For more information about these events and other special "happenings" in Lafayette-West Lafayette, check out our website at www.HomeOfPurdue.com