[caption id="attachment_9088" align="aligncenter" ]Bike to work! Bike to work![/caption] It’s spring! The warm weather is officially upon us, which means it’s a great time to get outside and exercise. May 19th is National Bike to Work Day, but don’t worry if you can’t bike to work because there are a ton of great bike trails in the area and are listed below!
  • The Wabash Heritage Trail runs around the downtown areas and for several miles Bike to work 2007.28JPGalong the Wabash River and is a great trail to see the beautiful sites around town.
  • There is another great trail that runs from the Purdue campus, past the Celery Bog and Wal-Mart, and then connects to the Northwest Greenway Trail, which has its own multiple branches.
  • The Amphitheater Multi-Use Trail is the easiest trail in the Lafayette area. It is a 3.5-mile ride with a few splits before hitting a turnaround to head back.
  • The Haan Mountain Bike Trail is a 7-mile ride that is in two sections – State Street and Valley Street. This is a public trail but is on private land near downtown Lafayette and requires a liability form.
  • McCormick Woods Multi-Use Trail is a 3.5-mile ride in two loops. It’s mostly a flat trail but does have some elevation changes and turns to make it a fun and interesting ride.
  • Murdock Park Multi-Use Trail is a 3-mile loop trail. This trail is popular among advanced riders seeking a challenging ride. [caption id="attachment_9090" align="alignleft" ]Bike or walk this trail at Prophetstown State Park! Bike or walk this trail at Prophetstown State Park![/caption]
  • Prophetstown State Park is also another great place to get some fresh air. It has 3.5-miles of paved trails that highlight the beauty of the area. Its great for biking and also walking.
More more information on bike trails, visit Lafayette-West Lafayette website, HomeOfPurdue.com. Save