South Street Smoke House dishes out some of the most delicious BBQ you can find in the Lafayette area! With an array of beef, pork, chicken and flavorful sauces that would please any BBQ aficionado, South Street is a top contender for the best barbeque in Indiana. Located right off of South Street, this Smoke House provides exceptional service, a friendly atmosphere, and generous portions at a great value. This is one dining experience that will keep you coming back. The first thing I noticed about South Street was the wide variety of dishes available. Anyone can find a quick favorite here; there’s tender smoked brisket, Carolina styled pulled pork sandwiches, Burnswick Stew, and the list goes on! Not to mention the absolutely incredible sides from mac and cheese to coleslaw to go with your meal, my personal favorite being the corn bread. With all these great appetizing options, you’d think there was a catch but the only question you should be asking yourself is how much you’ll eat and how you saved so much! South Street Smoke House truly is a sweet deal, the portions can easily be enough for lunch and dinner and the prices are very modest. If I’m ever low on fuel and funds, South Street has always got my back. Visitors, locals, families, friends; there’s something for everyone at the South Street Smoke House. With fresh, delicious meals that are backed up with excellent sides and exceptional service, there’s no reason not to stop by more than once.  If you’re ever craving some old fashion barbeque and want bang for your buck, just follow South Street until you hit the smokehouse and dig in! Visitor Information Specialist, Jake, shares these thoughts about this smokehouse!