SONY DSCPurdue Student, Julia, shares her enjoyment at the Indiana Fiddler's Gathering in Battle Ground, Indiana, taking place June 28-30. The Fiddlers’ in Battle Ground is a perfect weekend event for music-lovers.  The official name is "Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering", but it is often referred to as the "Fiddlers'" depending on where one is from.   I attended the festival with a great group of friends who would appreciate a night of folk music!  The festival goes from Friday until Sunday with campers from all over the state (and beyond), giving the Fiddlers' an inviting and community-effort feeling. The town of Battle Ground is quite small, but it in a town where everyone knows each other and it is fun to see the locals having a weekend to welcome others. We staked out the perfect spot for our folding chairs and blankets where we could hear all the music and watch the town move about the grounds.  We had a fantastic night with good friends listening to live music that is hard to come by!  If you become restless, the Fiddlers' is on the Tippecanoe Battlefield, which leads to a beautiful creek, a bridge that crosses it and fields past the bridge.  Our group enjoyed listening to the bands, socializing in a friendly environment, and as the sun went down, catching fireflies. The Fiddlers’ is an annual event that I would always recommend! Also, note!  Visitors can order discounted tickets at!  Have fun! Fiddlers LorriSweeney