Vinyl records aren’t extinct. In fact, this form of listening to music has been revived throughout the past decade and is still increasing in popularity.

I started to appreciate and collect vinyl records within the past few years after seeing my dad’s old collection. And I noticed the Greater Lafayette area is unique compared to other cities because it has several places to peruse, compared to “just the one.” Because of the several stores in the area, all with unique offerings, my collection has drastically increased and maybe, in a few years, will finally rival my dad’s.

Whether young or old, if you want to grow your record collection or start one, the Greater Lafayette area has many local, unique, non-chain stores that sell new and used vinyl records.

Amused Clothing

Amused Clothing store front

Coined as the original basement store located in Chauncey Village, you will find a variety of clothing, records, skating goods, smoking goods, and general vintage accessories down the stairs. 

Among the oddities in Amused Clothing are records that have been donated or collected. A majority of the vintage records are used and cost $3 or as marked, with 45’s priced at $1. There is not a system of organization so flipping through the records becomes a treasure hunt.

I have gotten many $3 records from artists I recognize but was not familiar with. I bought the records anyway, which opened my eyes to a larger variety of music I now like. Usually I end up coming across records I didn’t know I was searching for. Recently I found the Queen album, A Day at the Races, and Beatles record, Abbey Road, within the few boxes of “rarities” that have slightly higher prices. However, I was thrilled because each was still a lower price than unopened, new records and was not scratched.

Pricing: $

316 1/2 W. State St. in West Lafayette.

Amused Clothing records display

Black Wax Records

Black Wax Records store front

Black Wax Records is located in downtown Lafayette and has an eccentric feel, from the store front address of 666 1/3 Main Street to the vibrant red and black walls and a live record spinning round and round, chosen by the man at the cash register.

I originally heard about the store by seeing a cool sticker on someone’s laptop, and I’m glad I went in. The store has a nice mix of both new and old albums, each alphabetized in their specific section, which they get from a variety of sources. The prices range from low to average depending on the condition. They are organized alphabetically and at standing level so there’s no bending over to flip through each album.

Pricing: $-$$

666 1/3 Main St. in Lafayette.

Black Wax Records display

Hot House Market

Hot House Market store front

Vinyl records fit in with the vintage and ethically sourced products that are sold at Hot House Market, located in the Tippecanoe Mall.

Among the curated vintage clothing and other items in this socially conscious boutique are used vinyl records, with most priced at $4 but can be higher. They do not have the largest display, but each section is organized by genre and most of the selections are varieties of 80s music or older. I usually beeline straight to the records display first because I always like to see what records lie within the rest of the vintage goods inside the store.

Pricing: $

Tippecanoe Mall G10D, 2415 Sagamore Pkwy S. in Lafayette.

Hot House Market records display

JL Records

JL Records store front

You will find a variety of ways to listen to music at JL Records, including CDs, DVDs, vinyl, cassette tapes, and more. Since 1986 JL Records has grown to become the largest music store in the area.

The boxes and boxes of records are on the upper floor. Each section is organized by genre and alphabetized by artist to make browsing easy. Most records are new and in unopened packaging, but take a peek under the tables for lower priced used records.

I like to look at the giant section of “rare” 45’s, organized by artist, and genres that are uncommon, like comedy, soundtrack, or folk music. They also sell scratched records that are made into bowls, which I am also guilty of buying.

Pricing: $$

380 Brown St. in West Lafayette.

JL Records display


Von's Shops building

Von’s Shops is an iconic part of Chauncey Village, and among the items they sell are records. The music section is located near the end of the store nearest Harry’s Chocolate Shop.

The vinyl records range from a variety of modern to classic artists. On Record Store Day, I bought my very first Stevie Nicks record, before I had a record player and was using my dad’s, because I knew that I had to have it.

The store is organized by genre and artist, and there is a lot to choose from. Most records are new and in unopened packaging which the prices reflect, but there are also a few boxes of used records near the back on the floor that have low prices and range from artists like Dean Martin to Olivia Newton-John.

Pricing: $$

315 W. State St. in West Lafayette.

Von's Shops records display

The cool thing about Lafayette and West Lafayette when it comes to vinyl records is that there are many unique shops to buy them from, all with something different to offer.

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