This short blurb characterizes the place I live, Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.  I am a small town girl who recently moved to this middle size city last winter.  My husband is a farmer, but instead of moving to the country, we choose to live where the action is!  We like to go to sporting events, festivals, entertainment venues, delicious restaurants, etc.  Lafayette-West Lafayette offers that and more.  Since we moved here, we have been exploring all the wonderful things to do in this area and I want to share our story with readers.  The Lafayette-West Lafayette Convention & Visitors Bureau has opened its arms to let me and guest bloggers write our own 2 great cities, 1 great university story.  We will share why this area is great and why people love living and visiting here. One important value in my life is to love living and love where I live.  I always say, if a person complains about where they live, they need to move!  I love living in Indiana!  Midwest hospitality and friendliness are the key ingredients to what makes living in this area so great.  Lafayette-West Lafayette stays true to its Midwest roots and the people here are nice, funny, and kind.  People smile and nod and say hello when they are walking by you on the street.  I think when traveling the #1 component to a top notch vacation is my interaction with others.  2 Great Cities, 1 Great University offers that special interaction. I am excited to share how fabulous this area is in this blog.  There are so many great things to do that even some locals that have lived here forever do not know about.  Please join me (as an official new “Local”) and others as we explore and highlight this fun, friendly area! ---Small Town Girl