New Year's Eve Party Highlights 2013/2014

It's that time again! New Year's Eve!! What are you doing this year to celebrate? Are you going out with friends or family to ring in the New Year? Or maybe you are hosting a holiday party at your home and will watch the ball drop from your living room T.V.? It is a fun night of merriment as we…

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Out to Lunch Divas Visit Thai Essence

[caption id="attachment_4445" align="alignleft" ] Ice cream Sampler[/caption] Let’s shake things up. Last things first! What comes to mind when you think of Thai food? Usually, it’s not ice cream but that’s exactly how we ended a fabulous lunch at Thai Essence, one of our favorite eateries in West…

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Arni's offers Hoosier Hospitality at it's finest!

[caption id="attachment_4439" align="alignright" ] Stromboli! (And this only a 1/2 sandwich!)[/caption] 2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, “Hoosier Hospitality”. To experience “Hoosier Hospitality” at its finest visit Arni's where the food is delicious and the service is exceptional. Arni's is a…

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