Mammaw's Sweet Shoppe

[caption id="attachment_2662" align="alignright" ] Isn't this a lovely wedding cake![/caption] Happening Now! Right now, the talk around town is about decadent desserts and treats from Mammaw's Sweet Shoppe. Whether you are looking for a wedding cake, specialty cookies for a fun event, or…

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Black Friday & Midwest Hospitality!

[caption id="attachment_2622" align="alignright" ] Grateful Heart Gallery has a wide range of diverse artwork that would make the perfect holiday gift![/caption] 2 Great Cities, 1 Great University “Midwest Hospitality”. To experience “Midwest Hospitality” at its finest visit our local shops today…

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Happy Thanksgiving! Weekend Update

[caption id="attachment_2629" align="alignright" ] Purdue Vs. IU (Boiler Up!)[/caption] Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone has a joyous Thanksgiving tomorrow, November 22, 2012. Thanksgiving in our country means a lot of things to different people, but in overall it is a day of sharing and being…

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Judi's Catering

2 Great Cities, 1 Great University, “One Great Wedding Destination”. Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana, is home to many fabulous wedding venues, and Judi's Catering, which opened in 1967 with what started out as helping a friend serve a cocktail party, has grown to become 16,000 square feet of…

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The Eye Opener Cafe

[caption id="attachment_2542" align="alignright" ] Homemade biscuits and gravy!![/caption] 2 Great Cities, 1 Great University “Midwest Hospitality”. To experience “Midwest Hospitality” at its finest visit a small town diner in Battle Ground, Indiana, called the Eye Opener Cafe, who is serving up…

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Holiday Shopping Contest 2012 Details!

Le Originals Flower Necklace Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette is excited to announce our "Holiday Shopping Contest" to our 2 great cities. The competition started on Monday, November 5, and we want to share why each business who has donated to these packages is so fabulous! One great winner will win…

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Holiday Bazaars November 9-11, 2012

Holiday Shopping Contest Weekend Update! We are celebrating shopping this week by featuring an awesome $700 holiday shopping package to our area and to celebrate we are highlighting all the fun bazaars coming up this weekend in Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana. Looking for a homemade, one of a kind…

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Holiday Shopping Contest 2012!

Holiday Shopping Contest! It is holiday time and that means shopping is in full swing. You can enter to win a weekend getaway worth over $700 to Lafayette-West Lafayette to partake in all our shopping fun! Our local restaurants, hotels, attractions, and specialty shops have donated fun gifts to one…

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