A Purdue University Tradition - Triple XXX Root Beer

Located halfway up Chauncey Hill, lies a Purdue University tradition. Triple XXX is one of the most historic landmark restaurants in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area. Founded in 1929, Triple XXX is known for their delicious root beer! If you head to their website, you can find the complete history…

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Advice from a Purdue Senior - Boiler Gold Rush

Megann, Visitor Information Specialist and Purdue University Student, shares why incoming students at Purdue University should attend BGR. As my senior year here at Purdue University is closely approaching, I am reflecting on my past years of being a Boilermaker. These years have been filled with…

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Out to Lunch Dining Divas Visit Mi Cabanita

[caption id="attachment_6817" align="alignright" ] Huevos Rancheros[/caption] We all know not to judge a book by its cover but does that rule apply to a restaurant? In the case of Mi Cabanita the answer is yes. Our latest lunch outing took the Dining Divas south of Teal Road to Mi Cabanita, Mexican…

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