Sledding at Murdock Park

Positivity and Resilience

Positivity: the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Below is a list Jo Wade, President of Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette, shares of interesting stories from history and experts sharing…

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How the Quarantine is Transforming me.

How is the Quarantine transforming you? From family life, to work life, it is changing all of us in so many ways. Jo Wade, President of Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette, shares how it has impacted her. Do you relate to any of her feelings? Please share. Jo writes the following: It has been…

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Purdue University Arch Puzzle

Can you beat this puzzle?? Can you complete it in 24 pieces or want to really take it on and play the 299 piece puzzle?? Are you up for the challenge? Click on the Purdue Arch photo below and find out! Enjoy! 144 Purdue University Arch…

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Family Fun DIY Style

Craving your local favorite meals and treats while also looking for a creative activity with your kids? Look no further than these DIY Food Kits! Arni's Pizza Kit from the Arni's Pizza locations. Craving the "Classic" Arni's pizza? Get your whole family involved to add their favorite toppings…

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Purdue Pride: Our True Boilermakers!

We love Purdue University and our pets do too! Last Tuesday we shared some cute photos of dogs LOVIN' life in Lafayette-West Lafayette! Today we bring you more and these pets are true Boilermakers! Enjoy! Please share your pet photos! Tag #homeofpurdue in social posts and/or email them…

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Virtual Events in Lafayette-West Lafayette

We may be home, but that doesn't mean you can't experience many of our fabulous attractions in Lafayette-West Lafayette. Check out this list of virtual events taking place in our community. The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette is featuring their latest exhibit, "One in Four: Mental Health America…

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Visit Lafayette-West Lafayette Mood Booster

Need a mood booster?? We have you covered! Enjoy these super cute and happy dog photos of these pets LOVIN' life in Lafayette-West Lafayette! We hope these photos bring a smile to your face today. Please share your pet photos! Tag #homeofpurdue in social posts and/or email them to Sara…

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Kindness Shines Bright in Lafayette-West Lafayette

Alarm goes off, we grudgingly wake up, and what is the first thing we do? Make a pot of coffee and turn on the news. Right now, in our world, it is good to be informed on what is going on, but it can also be a bit scary. Personally, my favorite part of the news is the uplifting stories they mix in…

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