Sgt. Preston’s: A Fabulous Patio and Much More

If you ask people what’s made Sgt. Preston’s of the North a downtown Lafayette staple since 1980, many would quickly tell you it’s the spacious outdoor patio. However, without a solid food & drink menu, friendly staff, awesome specials, and unique ambiance, Preston’s could not have survived this…

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Purdue Graduate Gifts

Purdue Commencement is almost upon us! May 13-15, Purdue Grads will make their graduation walk with pride and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment for all of their hard work to successfully graduate from one of the top schools of our nation. A Purdue Graduate can proudly boast this wonderful…

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Pete Dye tackles Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex

Not one, but both Purdue University Golf Courses are designed by Pete Dye himself! What an incredible honor it is to say we have such an incredible destination for those serious golfers. Dan Ross, PGA Head Professional at Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex took some time out of his busy day to speak…

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Patio Season is Here! Head to Digby’s Pub

[caption id="attachment_7551" align="alignright" ] Outdoor patio[/caption] It's spring! Spring equals patio season and one awesome restaurant to head to for a lovely outdoor experience with an amazing view of our beautiful courthouse is Digby’s Pub and Patio. This restaurant is also the perfect…

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Eggcellent Meal: Visit Another Broken Egg Cafe

One of my husband and I’s favorite weekly traditions is Sunday morning breakfast! Whenever there is a new restaurant in town that serves breakfast, we always make an effort to give it a try. Another Broken Egg Café had been on our list for a while and I am really glad we finally ventured out to try…

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