Get fit and healthy on the Wabash Heritage Trail

Happening Now! Right now, the talk around town is about this much awaited warmer weather! It is time to get outdoors and take advantage of the sunshine by heading to the Wabash Heritage Trail, a 18 mile hiking and biking trail. Every winter my husband and I say we are not going to let the weather…

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Out to Lunch Divas Visit Sharma's Kitchen

[caption id="attachment_3293" align="alignright" ] Shish kebab and chicken – hot and fresh off the grill[/caption] Unless you were raised by wolves, comfort food usually consists of tasty home cooked meals from the kitchen. Our most recent lunch definitely fit that description with incredible Indian…

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Golf is in the air - Edwood Glen Country Club

Happening Now! Right now, the talk around town is that the golf season is upon us and golfers better have their golf clubs out to take on 162 holes of championship golf in Lafayette-West Lafayette. Edwood Glen Country Club, an 18-hole golf course, is ready to start the Indiana golf season off right…

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