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A Short drive from Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana attractions just down the road.

Just down the road...

Discover some great places just beyond our limits with these exciting and fun trip ideas. But before you hit the road, be sure to visit some of our great attractions and fun adventures right here in Lafayette–West Lafayette.

A short drive from Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana

Adam's Mill

500 S. 75 E., Cutler, IN 46920 [map]

Built in 1845, this mill was powered by turbines and ran until the 1950s. Around the curve from the mill stands a covered bridge, built in 1872, which was used as a thoroughfare for many travelers. This museum of Americana offers special events, festivals and activities on its peaceful and beautiful grounds.

Located 15 miles (approximately 20 minutes) east of Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.


207 S. Railroad Street, Suite B, Brookston, Indiana 47923 [map]

Not just another craft brewing start up, but a venture of quality, flavor and taste. Our family-owned micro brewery is ready to bring Brookston, Monticello and the greater Lafayette area some of the tastiest unfiltered ales, seasonals and one-offs. Our 4-barrel system allows us to serve beers at the peak of freshness.

Our philosophy is simple: We want our customers to enjoy that classic old brewery feel combined with small town comfort where one feels at home, no matter where home may be.

Our brewing style is simple and keeping with traditional brewing methods. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel; we just want to make good solid beers for people of all walks of life to enjoy. We source the majority of our malts and hops from Indiana suppliers. No matter where you are in your craft beer evolution we will have a beer for you and the time to answer any questions you might have.

Located 15 miles (approximately 20 minutes) north of Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

Daugherty Speedway

1160 W. 650 S., Bowell, IN 47921 [map]

Originally opened as Henry's Speedway, Daugherty Speedway was a 3/8 mile stock car track in Chase, Indiana (Benton County). The track opened in June 1967 and primarily featured stock car and special sprint car races. The track surface was originally dirt when the speedway opened in 1967. The track was later paved, but was converted back to dirt. Henry's Speedway was renamed Benton County Speedway until closing in 2001. The track was re-opened in 2002, and closed again in 2009. Michael and Kim Daugherty purchased the track in 2013 with plans to bring it back to the glory days of the best dirt track in the midwest! The Daugherty's are focused on making racing affordable and creating a family environment as well as giving back to the community.  

Located 30 miles (approximately 35 minutes) northwest of Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

Delphi Opera House

109 S. Washington Street, Delphi, IN 46923 [map]

A beautifully restored historic Opera House offering contemporary concerts and theatre productions. Featuring local legends and nationally known artists and bands.  

Located 18 miles (approximately 20 minutes) north of Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

Clean Energy Tours in Indiana

Benton County Windfarms
Self Guided
White County
Guided Windfarm Clean Energy Tours

Fair Oaks Farm

856 N. 600 E., Fair Oaks, IN 47943 [map]

Start Your Adventure, Feed Your Curiosity! Fair Oaks Farms is an escape to the country with acres of great outdoor fun, food and learning where you can explore family farms and reconnect with nature, animals and our planet. At Fair Oaks Farms, America’s premier agricultural theme park, you’ll get an up-close view of 21st century farming practices. Witness a calf’s birth, learn about raising pigs and marvel at the bounty that comes from combining modern farming with home-grown gardening methods. It’s a full day of hands-on agricultural adventure thanks to state-of-the-art games, challenging activities, a 25-foot climbing milk carton, 4D movies and fresh-from-the-farm restaurants. Fair Oaks Farms offers experiences that you couldn't imagine and you'll never forget! We are not only committed to educating the public about modern farming efforts, but also to protecting the environment, caring for our animals and ensuring the highest quality products possible.

Located 45 miles (approximately 50 minutes) northwest of Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

Note: Fair Oaks is on Central Time.

Heritage Farm

4175 N. 1200 W., Flora, Indiana 46929 [map]

Valuing the past, breeding for the future is the mission on Heritage Farm. It is a small alpaca farm in North Central Indiana that takes pride in their rural heritage as they specialize in breeding high quality suri alpacas with the goal of continuous herd improvement. Heritage Farm is a working alpaca farm with over 70 alpacas you can watch and interact with. Make friends with their black Labrador, Juno and two Great Pyrenees, Jack and Frost. Also residing on the farm are a flock of chickens, 4 goats, several barn cats and their horse, Stormy. If you want to, you can help with the daily chores of feeding the animals and collecting eggs. After that, you can explore the big red barn that was selected as one of the top-ten Bicentennial barns in the state. If you and your family really want to experience life on an alpaca farm, they invite you to spend a couple of days on their farm. Choose from several overnight accommodations including their 3-bedroom guest house and popular vintage 1850s log cabin.

Located 25 miles (approximately 40 minutes) northwest of Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

Indiana Beach

1030 N. Washington Street, Delphi, IN 46923 [map]

Interactive museum that tells the story of the building of the Wabash & Erie Canal and how it affected Indiana and the area during its 30 years of local operation. The Wabash & Erie Canal was the second-longest canal in the world; the Grand Canal of China was the only one longer. Boat rides on mile-long stretch of the canal are offered weather permitting. Over 10 miles of historic trails have been developed for walking and biking. Museum is free; fee for canal boat ride. more info >

Located 18 miles (approximately 20 minutes) north of Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana.

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